Gary W

I have lived in East Africa and have gone on many safaris, so I know when it comes to outfitters, they all will promise the trip of a lifetime, but few of them can deliver. And that’s why I chose Adventures Elite Africa. Susanne and Courtney and their team are seasoned experts who attend to every detail of your trip and design custom safaris that assure you of every comfort and pleasure while seeing the exotic wild game, tribal people and scenic beauty of East Africa. Adventures Elite definitely will make your dream safari come true.

- Gary W

Gene H

Of the four photo safaris to Africa this was far and away the best. The food and accommodations were superior. The schedule of events was well planned and timed to enable the group to see all the sights and the wildlife while relaxing in comfort of our Range Rover. The guides were superb at having the vehicles located at the right location at the right time for the best view of the animal activities. For me the highlight was watching two lionesses kill a zebra while we watched from 75 yards. The guides worked especially hard to find cheetahs for the group. This safari was the most complete sightings of animals I had ever experienced. The trip to Victoria Falls and Cape Town are a must. Both a spectacular and cap off a truly once in a lifetime experience.

- Gene H.

JoAnn C

My 2017 Africa safari was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that I am thankful I experienced. The country, the animals, the people were so much more than I ever could have imagined. Absolutely the best guides, drivers, traveling companions, lodges food and wine!!! Thanks to my friend, Susanne, for encouraging me to join her group.

– JoAnn C.

David E

The recent trip I took to southeast Africa organized by Susanne Pennington was nothing short of amazing. When first proposed to me I was a bit reticent about safety in Africa as well as a group format that could be restrictive. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Her organization of our activities was outstanding and quite flexible especially concerning anyone with annoying health issues. The animals and people native to the countries we attended were indescribable. The local guides she had arranged were exceptionally well informed and superb in their interactions with the clients. They inspired great confidence in such a strange land. The facilities were first class with unforgettable service and the food and social activities were excellent. The type of people she brought on the trip we’re very interesting and well mannered. I could try to describe in detail our adventures but I wouldn't want to spoil your experience. Finally, Ms. Pennington has an obvious calling in assisting schools for young children in the area devoting time and money to such an enterprise which she shared with the group one day on site. That was an experience that touched my heart as few in my life have. The happiness of the children that basically have nothing by our standards was somewhat humbling and thought provoking. In any event this was a trip with memories that will stay with me forever. I highly recommend it to anyone.

- David E.

Warren and Janet L

We had long dreamed of going to Africa to see the animals in their natural habitat and the dream came true as we traveled with the close-knit group of friends and expert guides of Adventures Elite Africa.  We marveled at the gracious movements in the Serengeti of the easy strolling giraffes, the close up and safe encounters of lionesses on the hunt for their prides, the elusive dangling of a leopard nearly camouflaged on a tree limb and the elephants bound together in generations from a two month old baby to a teen-ager, their parents and grandparents  gathering grass with their trunks for dinner.  The accommodations in first class hotels with their prize-winning  cuisines made every evening a joy after a full day of safari.

- Warren and Janet L.

Clay D

There are two ways to look at the wonderful Africa experience that Susanne Pennington treated us to, Africa itself and the amazing people who made the trip possible.  I had been to Africa twice before this trip, so I was slightly skeptical that I would see much of anything new.  But my concern was totally unfounded.  I had never been to Tanzania, and it was quite different from the countries of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.  Susanne skillfully integrated the game viewing experience with visits to a village grammar school, a coffee plantation and a shopping trip to an amazing museum store.  These experiences combined with five star accommodations and food, created a personal connection with the country that other trips could never duplicate.  Game viewing on the Tanzanian Serengeti with the endless planes and large herds of animals was totally different from the South African bush, and the Ngorongoro Crater was a surreal treat.

But this exceptional Arica experience was more than equaled by the knowledge and personalities of the people who planned it and served as our guides. Susanne has a long and personal background with Africa. Her non-profit organization supports African schools and her knowledge stems from personal experience rather than classrooms.  Susanne is a charming, clever, compassionate and the trip reflected her personality. Johan, our local guide, was both affable and knowledgeable on a broad range of topics.  He had once served on a government anti-poaching squad and he shared his first hand stories of the poaching threat to African game. Although not a budget trip, it was worth every penny.

– Clay D.

Gary Y. & David R.

We were astounded by our accommodations in the “Village” of Arusha, and even more so in the lodges in the wild, one of which we could watch the parade of elephants, giraffes, zebras, baboons, and lions come just only feet away from us, as they came down to the watering hole each evening, luxurious and primitive in the same moment! Our daily treks into the bush to observe so many majestic creatures within their natural habitat… The incredible numbers of deer, wildebeest and zebra on the plain, us riding along in the middle of hundreds of thousands, as they migrated to fresh feeding grounds in a chorus of grunts and snorts, and those crazy warthogs!!! It was overwhelming, to say the least. The hippos, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, the marvelous birds, and the big cats… I mean big beautiful, lethal and stunning…lions, cheetahs, and leopards, Oh My! Our crew and guides were so knowledgeable in every aspect of this adventure…courteous and respectful of our inexperience in this ancient world. One of the most delightful parts of our adventure was our visit into a small village of the masai tribe…A grand and magnificently distinguished people… so proud

– Gary Y. & David R.

Jeannie A

My trip with Adventures Elite Africa and Susanne Pennington was the most exciting and fun trip I’ve been on in my life, Seriously mind blowing vistas, heart stopping animal viewing, and gracious and wonderful people made it such a joy. I think the guides were the absolute best there could possibly be and there was not a hitch in the tour. All plans went smoothly. They obviously have a handle on the best places to go and the most beautiful accommodations. It couldn’t have been better.

Thank you Susanne, Johan and Jacob for all of the fun we had and knowledge we came away with. And what a wonderfully fun group of people on our safari, too! The best!

I would recommend this trip exactly as it was to anyone wanting to see the best of Africa and so many incredible animals that you will think you are dreaming.

– Jeannie A